The Ultimate Guide to Credit Card Rewards

The Ultimate Guide to Credit Card Rewards

In this presentation of the Ultimate Guide to Credit Card Rewards, we examine the benefit that is most often overlooked: the convierge service. Unlike travel insurance, reduced car rental rates or roadside assistance, the convierge service offered by many credit cards has a mystical or even mysterious side. What is it? What can you ask for your convierge service? Is this service really available 24 hours a day?

Today, we will demystify the convierge service, demonstrate its value and explain which credit cards offer it. Let’s go!

What is a convierge service?

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The convierge services of a credit card are similar to those offered by hotels, but rather than offering restaurant recommendations or reservations at the spa, a credit card convierge service is available by phone for help you with several types of requests. These requests may include restaurant reservations, purchase of concert tickets, hotel reservations and even more complex services, such as booking accommodations in a foreign country, sending flowers to another country. city ​​or changes to your travel itinerary due to winter conditions.

Convierge services are usually open 24 hours a day and require the call to go through the phone number on the back of your credit card. A customer service representative will answer you and ask you how they can help you.

When applying to the convierge service, it is important to be as specific as possible and include your maximum budget. If not, your convierge may recommend options that exceed your budget. For example, if you want your convierge to reserve tickets for a concert as soon as they are available (eg at 10:00, when you are at work), be sure to describe the desired seats and that you do not want to spend more than $ 200 per ticket.

Convierge services can perform most requests in a matter of hours, but some more complex requests may take several days. Finally, your requests to the convierge service are confidential and can not be accessed by anyone else – not even a spouse or other cardholder. That being said, any purchase made on your behalf will appear on your statement, under your usual provider.

All convierge services offered by major credit cards are free of charge. You do not have to pay for the services when you use them, but most cards that offer this kind of service have an annual fee. In short, you pay for this service, but only once a year.

Convierge Services by Credit Card Provider

Credit Card Provider

Convierge services are offered by Amex, Visa Infinite and Mastercard World Elite. Here’s how each provider describes its convierge services:

The Amex website explains that its convierge service is available at any time of day or night, as a personal reference, for all aspects of your life. Whether you have to choose a restaurant or organize an event, or need help choosing the perfect gift, their convierge service is there for you.

It is important to note that if you use Amex’s convierge service for travel bookings, you will be transferred to their Platinum Travel Service, which offers travel planning services 24 hours a day.

Credit card convierge services are the benefit most often ignored by users

Credit card convierge services are the benefit most often ignored by users

However, once you start using them, you will probably be looking for new reasons to seek the help of your convierge ! Whether you need a ride service for your children in the event that your flight is delayed, or delivery of a new pair of pants at the same place of a conference following a spill of coffee, they are there for you! It’s time to simplify your life with convierge services.

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